Watercolor is one of my favorite elements to include on wedding invitations. It is soft, romantic and stunning! And, it can be used in all kinds of different ways. Let’s take a look at some of the options…

Watercolor Abstract

Using watercolor in an abstract/artistic way is a great touch for a more modern wedding. Here are a couple of my favorite designs from past clients that I have worked with. The first image is a favorite because it has so much depth and an array of colors incorporated and ends up looking a bit like water. The second image is a fun mix of watercolor and silver foil. This really created an elegant and stunning effect!

Shades of Blue watercolor adorn the side of this wedding invitation creating a water effect.

Shades of Red, Maroon, Burgundy and Marsala are highlighted with silver foil to create a stunning custom wedding invitation.

Watercolor Graphics

Using watercolor to create graphics can be such a pretty choice. I especially love using watercolor for greenery and florals. The fun thing with this is that we can create custom graphics to match your floral elements at the wedding – like we did for Jamie who was having a wildflower themed wedding. I also created this pretty wreath graphic with greenery for a wedding show that I did awhile back – so sweet and fun!

Bright Wild Flowers with Greenery in Watercolor adorn this wedding invitation created custom for this couple by Paper Fling.

Greenery Wreath with leaves and ferns and vines in watercolor

I’ve also been using a lot of watercolor for my destination and tropical themed wedding invitations lately. I just love the soft, breezy romance of these watercolor tropical leaves.

Tropical watercolor leaves in green and champagne on this wedding invitation

Custom Design

If you love the look of watercolor as much as I do, I would love to discuss ideas with you and get a custom design going for you! You can schedule a consultation here: