Simple wedding invitations. I hear this phrase a lot these days. Keeping things simple is great for so many reasons! Simple invitations generally help keep the cost down. They provide an easy experience for your guests (rather than overwhelming them with butterflies flying out of a box or something.) And, most importantly, they allow you to not have to stress too much about an elaborate invitation suite.

So today, let’s talk simple invitation ideas. You could pull this concept in through a few different avenues including:

Simple Design

Simple Wedding Invitation with Laurel Leaf Wreath around Monogram on Cotton Paper with Taupe Ink

With a simple design, you are not going heavy on graphics. The fonts are the main show and if anything, there may be a small border just to highlight the simplicity. With this option, your hardest choice will be determining whether you want your fonts to be swirly and formal – script. Or if you want clean and modern with serifs or sans serif!

Simple Function

Another common way to keep your invitation simple is to get rid of all the extras and just go back to wedding basics. A simple, flat panel invitation card, and rsvp with an envelope and then the main outer envelope. Compared to options such as pocketfolds, belly bands, ribbons, boxes, etc. this feels perfectly simple!

Simple Organization

Simple White on White Wedding Invitation with Calligraphy style script in a pocketfold to keep things organized

One other thing that I see frequently when people ask me for simple is that they want their invitations to be very organized and useful. This comes up most often with destination weddings where there is a lot of information to get out to guests. If you are in this camp, you may want to consider a pocketfold or pocketcard style as this will allow your invitation to take center stage while still providing you with a clean and organized space to place all the other details.

What does simple mean to you?

What are your thoughts? Are you going for simple? What does simple mean for you? I would love to hear what you think in the comments below!