With everything that you have going on in your life while planning a wedding, finding ways to simplify anything is super important. Because of this, I often get asked if you really need to do rsvp cards for your wedding. With the ease of managing whose coming (or not) to your wedding through your wedding website, it is a big draw to just have your guests rsvp online.

So, let’s tackle that question today. To start with, I have to say, I am not the authority on what is right for you and your situation – the decision comes down to you and I am happy to support you whichever way you choose. That being said, there are a few things to consider if you find yourself trying to decide if you should do rsvp cards or not.


First of all, if you are having a formal wedding or trying to follow traditional etiquette, you will definitely want to do an rsvp card. It is still correct and appropriate to send this card as it really helps denote that this is a special event – not just a backyard BBQ or a fun birthday bash.

Formal Wedding Invitation with Pocketfold and RSVP Card

One of the really fun things about including tradition (like printed invitations with rsvp cards) into your wedding is that it helps to set it apart and make it special. There are so few occasions in our lives anymore that get that level of special treatment that, if you are anything like me, you will want to relish and enjoy.

RSVP Management

Another aspect to consider, when deciding whether to include a printed rsvp card, is how you want to manage your responses. For the most part, I would suggest making this as simple as possible for you. It may be easiest for you to collect everything online, or, it may be easier to have them come in the mail and collect them that way.

In addition to ease, I would suggest considering what will make you happiest as well. For example, if you love getting the mail, having rsvp cards trickle into your mailbox every day will be one of the more fun and enjoyable aspects of planning your wedding. Or, if you are really wanting to delegate responsibilities, doing a printed rsvp that gets mailed back to your mom or maid of honor would take one more task off your plate.

Guest Experience

Another important aspect to consider is what will be easiest and most obvious for your guests. And I think there are two things to consider here. One is that you do want to make it easy and quick for them. The other is that the invitation is really one of the only ways you have of communicating what your wedding will be like.

For example, my husband gets invited to a lot of weddings as he is a senior manager at a large tech firm. I usually don’t know the people, but we usually go as he loves everyone who works with him. Because of this, I get to see a lot of different wedding invitations and experience a lot of different weddings.

There are times that we have gotten some really amazing invites – letterpressed, thick stock, formal fonts etc. I know, when I receive an invitation like that, that the wedding will be beautiful, formal and entail a lovely dinner that is memorable and enjoyable.

We have also received some really creative invitations that have been full of personality and I love imagining what other fun elements the couple will include into their wedding day.

On the other hand, when we receive a very poorly printed invitation on flimsy paper with the rsvp online details printed right onto the invite itself, my impression is that the wedding will be very run of the mill, not have a lot of thought put into it and not really be something particularly enjoyable – but more of a chore to have to go to. The invitation sets the tone for the event.


Finally, I want to throw out one other idea about rsvp cards. They offer you one more place to bring personality into your invitations. For example, I had a really fun couple that I worked with this past fall who wanted an over the top fun experience for their wedding. One of the ways that they denoted this to their guests was by including a mad-libs style rsvp card.

Madlib style rsvp card for a fun puzzle and game themed wedding

I also often have guests bring a sense of their personality in more subtly through fun language in the traditional format like this example.

Fun wording on an rsvp card bring personality to this wedding invitation

Okay, I tried to set out to write this article unbiased and I think my opinion that rsvp cards are important came through more than I meant it to, but, as I said at the start – you get to decide what is best for you and your wedding and I am excited to support you with whatever you choose.

Now that you know my opinion, I would love to hear yours – are you planning on doing rsvp cards? Why or why not? Leave a comment below and let me know!