I wanted to highlight pocket wedding invitations this week since they are such a popular option. Nothing organizes all of the extra inserts in a wedding invitation better than a pocket! And, there are so many amazing options for pockets! You can get pocketfolds that open in all sorts of different sizes and shapes.

Here are a few examples:

I mainly use the #envelopments brand of pocketfolds because they offer so many great colors and the quality is always top-notch! Most of my couples choose to go with more neutral colors but I have had some bright options in the past! This coral one really set the tone for this tropical wedding.

Another great option for incorporating a pocket is to do it on the back of the invitation – here are a couple examples of this style:

One other great thing about pocketfolds is that they allow you to get creative when it comes to closing them up. I love using a little monogram tag or a wax seal!