There are so many great options for printing when it comes to your wedding invitations. One of my favorites is letterpress. Letterpress is a printing process that creates a beautiful impression that is actually pressed into the paper. You will usually see letterpress done on soft cotton papers as they make a better impression although I have also used wood veneer and metallic papers for letterpressed invitations in the past.

Here are some answers to the common questions that I get asked about letterpress:

Q: Is letterpress expensive?

A: While letterpress is at the higher end of the price scale for printing types, there are ways to utilize this beautiful technique and still keep within a budget. That being said though, if budget is your main concern – letterpress probably isn’t the right option for you.

Q: Do I have to letterpress all of my pieces?

A: No, I often have clients who do just the invitation in letterpress and then the inserts and other stationery in digital (flat) printing. I will say though, that printing everything in letterpress creates the most cohesive look.

Q: Can I combine letterpress with other printing techniques?

A: Yes, I often combine letterpress with both foil printing and with digital printing. Both can create some pretty stunning effects.