Are you planning on flying off to a tropical location like Hawaii, Mexico or the Caribbean for your wedding? Or maybe you’re dreaming of traveling to somewhere romantic like Italy or Greece. Either way, if you are planning a destination wedding, you have probably considered a boarding pass for your wedding invitation.

Boarding pass style invitations are great at bringing in the theme of your location. They also really help to set the tone for the fun and festivities that are to come as your guests travel to celebrate your wedding with you.

So, now that you have an idea of the style/type of invite that you want to do, the question becomes – what all should go into your invitation!?! I know for many of my clients this can be a bit of an overwhelming question. In fact, this is exactly why I offer complimentary phone and video consults for all of my clients! (You can schedule one here)

My goal in this article is to de-mystify this a bit for you today. I want to make sure that you feel super confident when it comes to how you lay out your boarding pass. I’ll walk you through what you need to make sure that it contains all of the details a normal wedding invitation would while also incorporating some of the more unique elements you may need. Again, if you find that you have questions or are feeling overwhelmed, please reach out! I would love to walk you through this personally!

Main Invitation

This boarding pass that includes a map of Mexico in the background is completely customizable - choose the colors, the fonts, even change the map out to reflect your destination! Visit to book a consult and start designing your boarding pass.

Include all the details of your actual wedding ceremony:

  • Your names
  • The date,
  • The time,
  • The venue name and location.

I also love including some fun elements like “fly away with us” or “ticket to paradise” Just to set the theme a bit from the start.

Make sure to include a way for your guests to rsvp with your boarding pass style wedding invitation!


Options for the rsvp card include:

  • A card with a pre-stamped return envelope
  • An rsvp postcard
  • A card with details on how to rsvp online or some other way
  • Make sure to have a date that they need to rsvp by so that you can follow up with anyone who hasn’t responded by that time.
  • If you need to have entree selections for your reception, this info can go on here, you don’t need a separate card
  • You may also ask guests if they plan to attend other events like a welcome party or Sunday brunch, again, do this all on the same card rather than making your guests send back multiple rsvp cards.
  • I also frequently have clients ask guests which hotel they plan to stay at and for their arrival date
  • One other fun idea for boarding pass rsvp cards is to style it as a tear-off card. I wanted to take a quick second to note here – I often have people ask me if they can have the invitation and the rsvp be all on the same sheet and just have the rsvp part tear off. The problem with this is that the standard size for this card that will fit through the mail is around 4″ x 9″. The post office requires things to be at least 5″ long to go through the mail so that would mean that the rsvp section would be larger than your invite section. Personally, I think that is not the right way to go and looks weird. Instead, just do 2 cards, 1 with the invitation and no tear off section and then 1 with the tear off rsvp and a little bit of details on the other portion of the tear off card. Like this:

This tear-off style rsvp goes along perfectly with our custom boarding pass invitations. Contact us to get a design conversation going for your invitation.

Additional Information

Here are some other bits of information that you may want to include. It is really up to you to decide how much or how little of this makes sense for you and your guests.

  • A link to your wedding website
  • Weekend Activities – list out events with some details such as time and location
  • Travel Details – if you are using a travel agent, you will want to provide their contact info here
  • Resort Information – either just the important details (like, this is an adults only resort) or, you may want to include a list of amenities to get guests excited.

Wrap Up

Okay, that about covers boarding passes. Don’t forget that if you choose to work with Paper Fling on your boarding pass, everything is totally customizable. This means you can choose what graphics you want, what colors, what fonts and even the functionality (want it in the pocket? or maybe just as loose sheets?) If you are ready to get the conversation going, or if you have questions – head here and book a consultation. I would love to hear about your destination wedding and help you create the perfect boarding pass to send out to your guests!

Everything you need to know when it comes to having a boarding pass style wedding invitation for your destination wedding.